Our focus on commercial window tinting has become a practical solution to cutting costs and improving comfort in your workplace environment, a must for any size business. Whether it’s cutting those cooling bills, adding privacy followed by sleek aesthetics, you’ll be surprised at what a small investment in treating your windows will do for your business. See some of the instant ROI benefits!

We work with all different avenues of custom building. From architecture firms, customer builders, general contractors and property managers, we come up with effective solutions to solve your issues. We are able to work around normal business hours to fit your project’s schedule and workplace traffic. We are an insured company and practice safe business practices.

Let us show you how commercial building window film is one of the largest growing trends, as we move to conserving energy, protecting our investment, protecting workers, and ultimately gaining a return on our investment of window tinting. We offer free no cost consultations to discuss the options and instant benefits of commercial window film.

Michigan Commercial WIndow Tinting


Some instant benefits of installing film on your structure

  • Energy saving abilities; Summer heat reduction, winter heat isolation.
  • 99% UV Protection drastically reducing fading of flooring, carpet, and drapery
  • Tax write-off benefits
  • Added value to your structure
  • Aesthetics for a sleek, classy look
  • Added durability to your glass, increasing safety and security
  • Privacy and glare control in your selected regions


We carry several different films to suit your commercial window tinting project needs:

  • Ceramic / Metal / Dyed Window Films
  • Blackout / Whiteout Window Film
  • One-way Mirror Film
  • Security Film (Tinted and Clear) & Security Window Bracing Systems
  • Anti-Graffiti Window Film
  • 3M Fasara Decorative Glass Finish films
  • Frosted Window Films
  • Specialty Colored Vinyl/Films
  • Blast/Fragment/Intrusion Retention Systems (Window Panes)


DIY Kits

These are great for those who would like to use professional grade film and tools. (Professional installation highly recommended). We offer bulk film and tools specific to your project and can ship to location or local pickup.

We have many different brands and options to choose from. (Email to inquire about film options)


Huper Optik Michigan Tinting


Contact us to schedule your business tinting consultation!

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